Cornerstone Cottage Academics

For the Lord grants wisdom! From his mouth come knowledge and understanding.  ~ Proverbs 2:6


Knowledge...Hands-on classes are easily taught to a wider age range of elementary students. They will enjoy discovering the world around them, learning vocabulary, and filling their basic knowledge toolboxes. Depending on the coursework, students are broken out into various grade-level groupings. 6th-grade students can float between these courses and middle school courses.

Middle School

Understanding...Inspiring courses where part of what we begin to teach the student is the ability to teach himself. Students are challenged to understand the facts they have learned and how to relate them to one another. In addition to the coursework, students begin to learn time management and how to organize their school work, homework, and their school week.

High School

Wisdom...Challenging courses to provide the opportunity to express, in the most compelling manner possible, what they now understand. Students are held to the standard of full participation in class and successful completion of homework. Courses are selected to meet the transcript needs of participating families.

Our Vision...
is to inspire students to reach their Christian and academic best through our witness, example, and teaching.

Our Purpose...
is to provide an academic environment where all are met where they're at and challenged to excel to the next level. 

We meet twice each week, on Monday and Wednesday, to participate in three core courses: English, Science, and History. These are complete courses with no supplementing required. We strive for discussions, interaction, and hands-on activities/work during class time. The age of your students will determine the quantity of work that is necessary at home on the other days. Families handle math on their own. As we plan each year, we evaluate whether or not we will hold elective / enrichment classes. 

You will find answers to most of your questions on our website. Be our guest, and then, reach out with any unanswered questions or to take the next step.

We are parent-led and foster open and honest communication as we serve together to educate our children. Parents should expect and welcome encouragement and feedback about their students and be ready to step in to support their student's teachers. 

Nervous about teaching other people's children? We understand! We help prepare you by selecting curriculum that is conducive to a co-op environment and by creating a syllabus for you. We do much of our class planning by committee so many of us have an opportunity to speak into a particular class schedule and their activities, even if we aren't teaching that class. We do cross-curricular projects throughout the year so you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other parent teachers. As you can see, you're not alone! We really do support each other.

The cherry on top...We enjoy each other's company at our monthly fellowship lunches and have delicious food!

Cornerstone Cottage Academics is a parent-led academic co-op that meets in Navarre, Florida. 

We welcome like-minded students who desire a Christian worldview and excellence-based education.