About Us

Cornerstone Cottage Academics is a thriving parent-led academic co-op meeting in Navarre, FL. We chose the name “Cornerstone Cottage Academics” for several reasons:

Year after year, we welcome like-minded students and families who desire a Christian worldview and an excellence-based education. We offer core classes in the areas of Science, History/Social Studies, and English for grades 1 to 12. Students are provided opportunities for instruction, reinforcement, and hands-on learning, such as labs and projects, as we meet on campus and are given homework to take home. We offer play-based learning as part of our robust Pre-K/ Kindergarten program with take-home activities to reinforce learning. Classes are designed to be engaging, interactive, and hands-on, using comprehensive curricula that support our faith and glorify God.   

Collaborative learning in a co-op environment brings unique opportunities not usually found in solo homeschooling. However, every parent remains personally accountable for meeting their student's educational requirements and transcript goals. 

Cornerstone Cottage Academics is a parent-led academic co-op that meets in Navarre, Florida. 

We welcome like-minded students who desire a Christian worldview and excellence-based education.