What is a Cottage Academy?   We're glad you asked!  A Cottage Academy is comprised of a group of like-minded Christian homeschooling families who come together to educate their children. Essentially, we are an education co-op. 

How do you choose curriculum?  We choose to use curriculum that supports our faith and glorifies God. We also consider how well it performs in a co-op setting and the amount of preparation  involved for teachers.

What classes are available?  Our primary focus is academically rigorous core classes in the areas of Science, English (grammar, writing, literature, vocabulary), and History/Social Studies for grades 1 to 12. Students are provided opportunities for instruction, reinforcement, and hands-on learning, such as labs and projects, as we meet on campus and are given homework to take home. We also offer play-based learning and a robust Pre-K/ Kindergarten program with take-home activities to reinforce learning.

Do I have to teach?  As a co-op, we can only function if our members contribute through teaching and volunteer roles. We try to place you where you are skilled or passionate whenever possible.

What are the responsibilities of a teacher?  Teaching responsibilities are a bit different between elementary, middle school, and high school, but the primary responsibility is to lead the students through the curriculum incorporating engaging discussion, connections, examples, videos, labs, activities, and/or projects. More instruction takes place at the elementary level and more discussion and projects should take place at the middle school and high school levels.

Cornerstone Cottage Academics is a parent-led academic co-op that meets in Navarre, Florida. 

We welcome like-minded students who desire a Christian worldview and excellence-based education.